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Running a farm and producing high quality produce involves managing energy and resources. Our farmers employ a range of techniques and technology to help reduce their Impact on the Environment. From the way they manage the soil to prevent erosion and retain nutrients
We ensure that our farming will play the vital role in protecting our Environment.
Poor agricultural practice can result in compacted soils that stops water from soaking into the land and creates run-off. This can cause top soil, which contains both nutrients and pesticides, to be washed into streams and rivers. The impact of agricultural pressures include loss of biodiversity, risks to human health, higher water treatment costs for the public, With the right approach, Echo International made funding and motivation as this can change.
The effects of global warming and environmental conscientiousness have taken precedence and We take pride in our efforts to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and maximize the potential of ou entire infrastructure to minimize over-consumption.
At Echo International we adopted innovative solutions as we needed to support the food and vegetables farming sector and we ensure that every farm is able to make the right choices to protect and improve the environment.
At Echo International we have made an effort to promote environmental protection and local consumption without sacrificing customer service.


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