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Ultrafresh’s mode of operation

Procurement planning

Procurement plans are made based on customer orders and market analysis. Our sales and marketing team takes the decision of where and when to purchase the variety products from the food market.

Quality assurance

Food quality is of utmost importance; Bestvision have trained quality assurance and testing team. Sample products are inspected and tested by the team to ensure products are meeting Saudi Arabia’s food quality guidelines.


Our processing and packaging section is well equipped with all facilities; we take great care in procuring, transporting and packaging fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce from the farm are loaded in our vehicles and transport it to our nearest cold centre. From our cold centre the products are sorted based on the category; then the products are cleaned, washed, packed and stored in controlled atmosphere. Once the orders are placed, we inspect the quality of products again before delivering it to the customer.

Product delivery

We have all types of vegetables and fruits in our store, choose your items for delivery from the product list and contact us via e-mail, phone or visit our office at Sanayah Al-Khair Area. One of the Bestvision employees who are in charge of your area will discuss your requirements and fix your order. Our procurement and logistic team collects quality products from the suppliers, inspects the quality of products, assign storage space in the cold store. We deliver your order as soon as it is arrived at our cold store.

Our contact details are shared in the contact us page of this site. You can contact us for any queries related to the products, procurement, delivery and our services.

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